The Meganet of Ronald Delgado

October 20th, 2008 by badenglish

Alfa Eridiani has edited a new Erídano: “El despertar de Meganet? (The awakening of Meganet) of the Venezuelan author Ronald Delgado. The 183 pages book is a collection of 6 stories set in the universe of Meganet (Massive Einstein-Giraud Autonomous Network) a vast artificial intelligence that extends throughout the solar system and that modulates the history of humanity acting in decisive moments of their development. The stories of the Meganet are a combination of Cyberpunk with Space Opera.“El despertar de Meganet” was originated from a proposal to Ronald Delgado by the editor of Alfa Eridiani José Joaquín Ramos who had been interested in a couple of short stories set in the universe of this giant AI; Ramos suggested to Delgado a further development of the theme. The stories can be read independently of each other, but maintains some chronological order.The book can be purchased at

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Necronomicon #18 online

August 14th, 2008 by badenglish

Art by Juan Raffo based on the short story by Víctor DraxAnother new issue of the Necronomicon is online. The August 2008 issue (#18) comes with stories of Joaquín Torres (Spain), Víctor Cuotto Drax (Venezuela) and Héctor Chavarría (México). These stories are about of travel in time of an avenger, the torments of a writer trapped by his job and a horror being of the romanticism era. The art is from the winner of the first Electronic Publishers International Award in the category of illustration: Juan Raffo

The contents of Necronomicon #18 are:

Una flor en el cementerio (A flower in a cemetery)……….Joaquín Torres
Maxwell Huntington, escritor (Maxwell Huntington, writer)……….Víctor Cuotto Drax
Der döppelganger……….Héctor Chavarría

The issue is located at

Necronomicon is a periodical fanzine written in spanish devoted to the very short fiction in the fantastic genre (Terror, Fantasy and Science Fiction). The fanzine is a tribute to H. P. Lovecraft, so the lovecraftian themes are privileged by the editorial line. Necronomicon published stories of less than 1000 words in length. Contributions should be sent to
Necronomicon is published by Jorge De Abreu for the Venezuelan Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (

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Susana Sussmann on argentine radio

January 24th, 2008 by badenglish

Venezuelan writer Susana SussmannOn January 20 the Argentine radio station “La voz de las madres” (Voice of mothers) in its program “Venezuela es el sur” (Venezuela is the south) interviewed the Venezuelan writer Susana Sussmann. The reason of the interview was the current call by the Asociación Venezolana de Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía (Venezuelan Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy) to edit an anthology of Venezuelan Science Fiction; Sussmann is part of the group of evaluators of this anthology. During the 8 minutes of the chat, Sussmann talked a little about of the literary and publishers scenario in Venezuela, The current proliferation of new editorial enterprises and the energy with which Venezuelan editorial world is supporting the emergence of new literary signatures. However the emphasis of Sussmann was in the Venezuelan Science Fiction, particularly in fantastic literature; both of which, despite not enjoying the full benefits of the mainstream literature, have managed to walk its own path and express their own voices with personality. His final words were of optimism and hope for the future of the Venezuelan SF.

You can hear the audio of the interview (spanish) in

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Venezuelan SF anthology

December 29th, 2007 by badenglish

The Venezuelan science fiction and fantasy Association (Asociación Venezolana de Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía – AVCFF) has called to Venezuelan writers to participate in an anthology of science fiction. The idea is to establish a collection of fiction books on science fiction, fantasy and terror whose first title is this anthology. The purpose of the anthology is to gather all Venezuelan SF writers of today in one book. The anthology is made up of stories from 3000 to 10000 words and is expected to will be published at the end of the year 2008. 

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R. R. Mota in Necronomicón #16

December 25th, 2007 by badenglish

The writer R. R. Mota appeared in the Necronomicón # 16 with his story “El loto negro? (“The Black Lotus”). This is the first collaboration of Mota with Necronomicón. The story is an horror tale related to the myths of Cthulhu and tells the story of a flower cursed condemning those who see it. Mota is a young Venezuelan writer passionate about the visions of the genius of Providence. He host a forum on H. P. Lovecraft.  Necronomicón is a Venezuelan fanzine that publish very short Horror stories of writers of Latin America and Spain. It’s been on-line since 2004.   


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